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Here at Simply Stunning Spaces, we are a full-service interior design firm sourcing everything for our clients from hard materials to decorative finishing touches. Since light is a crucial element design, one selection we never leave out is window treatments so that our clients have the maximum amount of natural light when possible + privacy when needed.

Upgrade Your Home Decor With Energy-Saving Lutron Shades

Window treatments are a great way to update your home’s decor. The right ones will give the room a fresh, new look. Window shades that integrate into your smart home system are one option. They’re a breeze to use and look stunning in any room. Lutron shades are a popular choice for energy-conscious consumers. You can choose from a variety of textiles to create the look you want in the room, all while saving energy.

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Decorating with Lutron Shades

Lutron remote shades are wireless, giving your windows a clean look. You don’t have to worry about hiding draping cords from curtains or blinds. The shades raise and lower on command, giving you sunlight during the day and privacy at night. 

The window treatments are available in a variety of textures, prints, colors, and fabrics. You can browse through the Lutron factory catalog. A professional design consultant can also help you choose the perfect shades for your space. 

Along with adding a touch of style to your windows, and ambiance to the room, there are a few other reasons you want to decorate with smart window shades. 

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Why Choose Smart Window Shades?

Window treatments that add ambiance are a great reason why you want to include them in your next decorating project. However, it’s not the only benefit you get with smart window shades. 

Energy-Efficient Luxury

Luxury and energy efficiency are rarely used together. With your choice of color, texture, and fabric, it’s easy to add the perfect touch to your windows. The remote shades are almost invisible when fully pulled up. When they’re down, they give the room an elegant touch. The remote operation ensures you never have to look at cords hanging by your windows. 

The shades allow you to take advantage of sunlight to warm the room in the winter. The daylight also reduces the number of electrical lights you turn on. As part of your smart home system. You can program the shades to extend or retract to fit your schedule. 

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Create a Daytime Movie Room

Lazy afternoons are the perfect time to settle in and watch a movie on your home 3D projector. Unfortunately, daylight is interfering with the images. A dedicated entertainment room is the best option, but can be a bit pricey. Remote window shades will turn any room into a home theater room. 

You can choose to have the smart shades installed in a single room or throughout the house. The choice is yours. You also don’t have to pick the same style and color for every room. The shades will still work with the home’s smart system. 

Use Smart Shades to Create a Simply Stunning Space

Smart window shades will add style to any room. Though it’s not always easy picking out the right colors and fabrics. There’s no shortage of choices, the shades are intended to enhance any décor. 

Since window treatments are a crucial element in our designs, we started our sister company Simply Stunning Shades to help our clients with all of their window treatment needs including Lutron shades, drapery, roman shades & more! If you’re in need of some help with window treatments, contact our Simply Stunning Shades team here! 

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