"Darcy was such a positive inspiration to work with. She is very patient with hearing a person's vision out (with all the Pinterest boards AND changes that come with said 'vision') and also guiding you in a way that will lead to the best possible scenario. I have a tendency to "have a lot going on" when it comes to decorating and she was so good about being kind but holding the reigns when I needed to focus on narrowing the important aspects of the vision down. She had construction knowledge that I otherwise wouldn't have considered and made costly errors on my own (ex: I almost bought a light fixture that wouldn't fit the current 'j box' in the ceiling - I had no idea to even think about that - nor know what a j box was). You will feel comfortable with her and her team as they are on it w/ communication during the entire process. From showroom visits to her coming to our home during every stage, I knew her presence was keeping the renovation crew on point. I appreciated the patience she (and her team) showed us and the respect she had for our home every step of the way. I'm not including photos for privacy reasons but our home is absolutely a walking dream now and we have Darcy & team to thank for making that dream tangible!"

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