How to Create Your Interior Design Budget

Never start shopping without a well-defined budget! Without a pre-planned budget, it’s easy to get off track and overspend on items when you could’ve saved. Taking the time to do some careful planning and a lot of research will help assure you’re spending your decorating dollars wisely. Don’t worry, we’re here to help, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you organize your interior design budget:

1. Categorize by room

Separate your home by rooms and decide what needs to be done with each one. In the next step, we will be going into further detail with this, but the first step is envisioning what you want to accomplish and getting an idea in your head.

Interior Design Budget | Simply Stunning Spaces


2. List the items you need in the room

Make a list of all the things that each room will need. For example, a living room would clearly need a couch and perhaps a rug, some chairs, and a coffee table. List out every object you plan to put in the room and make note of the things that you already have and the things that you will need to purchase.

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3. Research online to find average costs of things you know you will need

Now, look back through your list and focus on the things that you don’t have that the room still needs. The first step is looking online. This way you can see different styles and costs. It is important to compare prices to find the best one and potentially save a lot of money!

Interior Design Budget | Simply Stunning Spaces

4. Prioritize Your Interior Design Budget Into Must-haves and Things That Can Wait

Let’s go back to your list again and highlight the things that you need. Separate the must-haves from the wants and go from there. For example, you might really desire a new dining table, but perhaps you could re-use the dining table and just replace the chairs for an entirely new look!

Interior Design Budget | Simply Stunning Spaces

5. Organize Your Interior Design Budget

Now that you have an idea of what furnishings, décor and construction parts you will need and what each item will cost you can make a new list. This list will have your budget on it, how much you want to spend, and it will have all of the items that you need, their cost, and the total of all of their costs combined. This way, if you go over your intended budget, you can look back over the list to see what you can cross off for now and perhaps return to later.

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