4 Modern & Trendy Remodeling Ideas For Your Home’s Kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most important space in your entire house. Not only must kitchens be durable enough to handle the wear and tear of everyday use, but they also must be beautiful enough to impress guests who converge upon your home for special occasions. 

As kitchens must be able to do it all, modern home remodeling projects have focused heavily on this area, with the following trendy renovation ideas sure to make your kitchen stand out in a competitive market.

1. Quartz-ify the Countertops

Like the kitchen itself, the countertops must be able to provide an elite combination of durability and aesthetics. After all, no area of the kitchen will be met with such heavy cookware traffic as the countertops, and they are often the first aspect people notice when observing the space.

For years, homeowners had to choose between affordable, functional options, such as tile or laminate, or expensive, porous materials, such as marble or granite. However, many modern homes are choosing quartz countertops for their kitchen surfaces, as quartz is able to admirably balance all desirable characteristics of a good countertop.

Designed with a solid, nonporous fabrication, engineered quartz is able to withstand damage from tensile blows and resist harmful staining that leads to mold and bacteria buildup, greatly limiting costs associated with maintenance and replacement. In addition, modern quartz surfaces are nearly indistinguishable from the elegance of natural stone countertops and can be fabricated in any number of designs to match the ambiance of your chosen space.

2. Install Energy-Efficient Appliances and Low Flow Sink Faucets

Not only do sustainable features help you save on utility costs as a homeowner, but they can significantly enhance the resale value of your property, as modern buyers are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly homes.

As such, consider replacing your old refrigerator and freezer with Energy Star certified models that will operate on a fraction of the electricity. In addition, water-saving measures such as low flow adaptations to the sink faucet and water-efficient dishwashers can greatly reduce the amount of water waste generated by your home.

3. Make the Fixtures Up to Par 

Beautiful countertops, sparkling floors, and sprawling, open spaces are greatly undermined by fixtures that are comparatively tacky. 

Therefore, a relatively minor investment in customized drawer pulls and cabinet knobs to match the feel of your kitchen’s more prominent features can be the small touch that helps make your kitchen complete.

4. Replace Closed Cabinets with Open Shelves

If you watch any amount of HGTV or subscribe to any home improvement YouTube channels, it is likely that you have been inundated with the term “open” when discussing home renovation.

While the open concept often has to do with the floor plan, such as tearing down walls to make spaces feel more free and inviting and installing oversized windows to permit the flow of more natural light, the open concept has also extended to the realm of kitchen storage, with many modern kitchens eschewing the traditional closed cabinet in favor of the open shelf.

Not only do open shelves allow homeowners to put their creative touch on display by arranging their china and cookware for all to see, but it adds a functional element by eliminating the annoying–and destructive–clang of cabinet doors during the search for the right item.


When it comes to home renovation, no area is quite as exciting as the kitchen. Through projects that improve both durability and aesthetics, modern homeowners continue to search for new and innovative ways to improve their cook space. Ideas such as adding quartz surfaces, installing energy-efficient appliances, mounting customized fixtures, and using open shelves are trendy ways to enhance both the functionality and value of your home’s kitchen.

Skylar Ross is a contributor to the Innovative Materials blog. He is a content writer for the construction and home improvement industries with an interest in landscaping, outdoor remodeling, and interior design. Skylar is focused on educating homeowners, contractors, and architects on innovative materials and methods of construction that increase property value, improve sustainability, and create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

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